Speech & Debate 2017

Frustrated by the hypocrisy they see in their parents, teachers, and the entire school board, an unlikely trio set out to find a common truth and make their voices heard as they revive a defunct school club and take on the world.

Love and Debate 2006

A girl goes to Harvard and joins the debate team. She has to deal with a ton of issues, from boyfriends, to ethnicity, to religion, to sexual assault.

Debate Team 2008

Debate Team is a documentary exploring the weird subculture of competitive college debate. Competitors battle at 360 words per minute, hauling around mountains of evidence called "cards" and nearly every debate ends in global nuclear annihilation. In 2005, some 200 teams converged on San Francisco State to compete in the National Championship. The documentary follows four teams, from Michigan State, Harvard, West Georgia, and Berkeley in their quest for the national title. What emerges is not simply the chronicle of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, but a more disturbing examination into the nature of competition itself and the American fetish with championships and champions.

The God Delusion Debate 2007

On October 3rd of 2007 in Birmingham, Alabama, Professor Richard Dawkins and his Oxford University colleague Professor John Lennox engaged in a lively debate over what is arguably the most critical question of our time: the existence of God. The debate centered on Dawkins's views as expressed in his best-seller, The God Delusion, and their validity over and against the Christian faith. Both presenters agreed to the format and topics of discussion. It was one of the great debates of the last 100 years and is well worth watching and studying.

The Great Cheesesteak Debate

A war wages on throughout the streets of Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love. Who sells the best Cheesesteak?

The God Debate II 2011

The second annual God Debate features atheist neuroscientist Sam Harris and Evangelical Christian apologist William Lane Craig as they debate the topic: "Is Good From God?" The debate was sponsored in large part by the Notre Dame College of Arts and Letters: The Henkels Lecturer Series, The Center for Philosophy of Religion and the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts.

The Great Debate: The Storytelling of Science 2013

Join the Origins Project at ASU for the final night in the Origins Stories weekend, focused on the science of storytelling and the storytelling of science. The Storytelling of Science will feature a panel of esteemed scientists, public intellectuals, and award-winning writers including well-known science educator Bill Nye, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, theoretical physicist Brian Greene, Science Friday’s Ira Flatow, popular science fiction writer Neal Stephenson, executive director of the World Science Festival Tracy Day, and Origins Project director Lawrence Krauss as they discuss the stories behind cutting edge science from the origin of the universe to a discussion of exciting technologies that will change our future.

Trump vs. Bernie: Debate for America 2016

Comedians James Adomian (Bernie Sanders) and Anthony Atamanuik (Donald Trump) bring two of the most controversial candidates in history, head-to-head, or rather bald-to-toupee, in a debate unlike anything you've ever seen before! Moderated by none other than Paul F. Tompkins, Brianna Baker, and Rhea Butcher, the Presidential contenders will battle to prove once and for all that they are the candidate worth your vote! While Bernie Sanders continues to win among those who feel guilty shopping at Whole Foods, Donald Trump is killing it with voters who support killing just about everyone. This two-part series is all the election coverage you'll ever need.

Debate: Revolutionary Left vs. Revolutionary Right

A debate between the revolutionary left and the revolutionary right. Representing the left is Caleb Maupin, journalist and political analyst for RT. Representing the right is Augustus Sol Invictus, editor of “The Revolutionary Conservative” and former Libertarian Senate Candidate in Florida.

The Great Debaters 2007

The true story of a brilliant but politically radical debate team coach who uses the power of words to transform a group of underdog African American college students into an historical powerhouse that took on the Harvard elite.

Is God Great? - A Debate Between Christopher Hitchens & Professor John Lennox 2009

At the 2008 Edinburgh International Festival, Oxford professor and Christian apologist John Lennox and leading atheist and acclaimed journalist Christopher Hitchens first debated over the question of whether or not atheism could save Europe. In March 2009, Lennox and Hitchens debated the topic ‘Is God Great?’ Witness this thought-provoking discussion, now on DVD, as well as a special feature interview with the two men together.

A Firing Line Debate: Resolved: That All Immigration Should Be Drastically Reduced 1995

Moderator Michael Kinsley starts out by drawing attention to the text of the resolution: "Note that word 'all.' This debate is not just about securing America's borders against illegal aliens. It's about cutting the total number of immigrants, both illegal and legal." New and old arguments about race, personal freedom, xenophobia and government policy all come into discussion.

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