Purpose 2002

A software developer becomes a billionaire and is distracted by fame, greed and power, then must save his invention and company from a hostile takeover.


Two best friend rookie cops; one graduates to detective and the other becomes the mayor. When the Detective's wife gets kidnapped, in lieu of ransom he has to kill the mayor to save his wife.

Lost on Purpose 2013

Our story takes place in the fertile, San Joaquin Valley. Fueled by gin and sheer determination, Elizabeth James (Ms. Liz) operates her third generation dairy farm outside the region's domineering co-ops. To help keep the place afloat, she's employed five renegade ranch hands. These boys have put a pin in responsibility and opted to stretch out the party as long as possible. Unfortunately, women, booze, and fisticuffs can only lead to one outcome: trouble. With the dairy farm reporting its third straight deficit year, Ms Liz is attracting some unwanted attention. Delbert Furgeson, the owner of the area's largest co-op, is pushing to buy her out. This only incenses the prideful Ms Liz and starts a volatile feud between the two. Sharing the narrative are the ranch hands.

Soul Purpose 2004

Soul Purpose is the 17th release from the acclaimed producers at Teton Gravity Research. After winning Powder Magazine's "Movie of the Year" award for last year's release, High Life, TGR stepped out further than ever before with trips to the far off reaches of the planet including Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Alaska, and Canada. This film captures the best of big mountain skiing and snowboarding while still focusing on skiing's freestyle movement. Shot entirely on 16mm film, Soul Purpose will take the viewer deep into the minds and abilities of the athletes, pushing further than any film has done before.

The Purpose of Clubs 2016

"I want to be yours tonight..." Three men from a social club get together for intimate reasons, then a cute and sexy girl happens to fall in front of them! 'A sexy and rich' guy who has to go to the military giving up his school credits, 'a loser' who just got discharged dreaming of heated love and 'a goose father' who hasn't had sex in forever, join a paragliding club for other reasons. A hot and sexy girl appears in front of them and the three hyenas convince her to go to an overnight paragliding trip with them. Who will be the winner? This girl playing hard to get causes the three to shake and they start doing anything they need to get her to spend a night with them...

Purpose of Cohabitation 2016

Seunggu and yunhye to enjoy the married life. Photographer seunggu they are getting older while the commute neighbors of passion and Sell a glance that was a signal waiting car ahead suffers because of the huge repair costs. Yunhye not busy managing the body is to go to the gym to exercise unfailingly hear the breakup talk of a charge taejun PT. Taejun where his girlfriend was not living in the house and to cast out the kit and parting ohgal taejun yunhye is trying to cover the labor costs of the three seunggu let their honeymoon house one room.

A Bright Purpose 2009

Two prisoners managed to escape, an then a slaughter of cops and criminals began when they are persecuted by a powerful mobster. Detective Gerard must suspend his vacation and take out of prison the accomplice of these two subjects, better known as the "White Spirit",in order to stop them before the death toll increases and find out why two minor criminals have caused such an uproar.

Purpose of DNA 2001

Documentary by Dan Winter. Warning various reports of this content being fraudulent and untrue.

Left On Purpose 2015

Left on Purpose is a documentary film about the friendship between an aging anti-war activist who has decided that his last political act will be to take his own life and the filmmaker who is struggling to tell the story.

A Common Purpose 2012

Twenty Five people are convicted of murder and fourteen of them are sentenced to hang, one lawyer is assassinated and the other chooses exile in this dramatic story behind a notorious murder trial that marks South Africa's transition from the apartheid era to a new South Africa. Told through the perspectives of defense lawyer, Andrea Durbach, The Independent journalist, John Carlin, and the accused themselves, the story unfolds to reveal a landmark victory in legal history's biggest case on extenuation. A timeless and inspirational story about the fight for justice in a country where injustice was enshrined in law.

For What Purpose? 1965

Wooden crates, bundled cardboard, trash cans and stacks of magazines become fodder for a protracted brawl between two young men over a briefcase. But what could be inside? An amateur production from the young Don Glut who would later go on to create not only the novelization of a STAR WARS film but many works involving science-fiction, monsters and dinosaurs. - Jackson Scarlett

Dark Purpose 1964

An American woman in Italy falls in love with a man, unaware that he has an insane wife hidden in the attic ...

Michael Jr: Laughing On Purpose 2013

Michael Jr has compiled his family focused, laid back stand up comedic style into this, his first solo comedy special on DVD. His comedy has been proven to be edgy enough for Las Vegas and clean enough to be enjoyed in church. Laughing on Purpose will push you to laugh until your face hurts while inspiring you at the same time.

Purpose of Hiking 2016

Mountain climbing? Hongjae ‘right thing – the taste, the feel, but buried in the trail seconds gwontaeroum the daily repeated on a daily basis. Because the store sales appear one day, forcing new members to participate in civil affairs front hongjae Alpine Club. Missing body straight and neat mask! Holly was married to a man hongjae of civil affairs with attractive swing with a tearful hongjae efforts to get the civil administration begins.

The Purpose of An X-Rated Encounter 2016

Min-joong and Ga-hee are a campus couple and friends with Geun-tae. Geun-tae has a crush on Ga-hee and asks her out to dinner to tell her how he feels about her. Ga-hee knows how he feels but she tells him she is in love with Min-joong and doesn't acknowledge his feelings for her. Geun-tae isn't happy with how Min-joong treats Ga-hee and feels bad for her. So Geun-tae comes up with a plan to break them apart by introducing a girl named Eun-bit to them...

Michaëlle Jean: A Woman of Purpose 2016

In 2005, Michaëlle Jean became the Governor General of Canada. A social activist, global citizen, and black woman, she would redefine the possibilities of that office. While her national priorities were at-risk youth, women, and Indigenous peoples, her international success came from her cultural diplomacy. 2010: the earthquake in Haiti tragically brings her back to her homeland. Michaëlle Jean: A Woman of Purpose is an intimate and sensitive portrait of the stateswoman she came to be.

Purpose: Mary Jean and the Green Stone 1980

Everyone in Mary Jean’s rural East African village wears a green stone which shines brightly as a beacon of cooperation. When Mary Jean hesitates to aid a neighbor, her stone flickers less brilliantly. Based on an Alice Walker short story.

Accidentally on Purpose 2009

Accidentally on Purpose is an American television situation comedy series that ran on CBS from September 21, 2009 to April 21, 2010 during the 2009–10 season. The series stars Jenna Elfman and was produced by BermanBraun and CBS Productions. The show is based on the book of the same name by Mary F. Pols. On May 18, 2010, CBS cancelled the series after one season.

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku 1992

A scientist, his son, and an incomplete biotech-type android are sneaking away from the scientist's psychotic wife. Along the way, the son gets out of the Jeep to satisfy an urge of nature, and comes back with a cat. At this point, gunfire erupts around them, and they try to get away. They succeed, but the cat was killed by a stray bullet. Sometime later, the son attends school with his "big sister" named Nuku Nuku. Yes, this is the android — who now looks like a cute girl — with the brain of the dead cat. Of course, things do not stay peaceful for long; the boy's mother wants him back! And so the fast-paced action comedy begins.

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Dash! 1998

One day Nuku Nuku dropped in and began to live with the Natsume family. Having lost her memory, Nuku Nuku assumed the identity of a beautiful girl named Atsuko Higuchi. She was so beautiful and gentle, and besides, she was such a great cook that Ryunosuke, 14, was all smiles. However, after her arrival in town, a series of mysterious incidents started to happen in Maneki City: experimental machines running haywire, roaring fighter aircraft flying low, mass destruction in the city. In every case, a mysterious girl was spotted at the scene of the incident.

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV 1998

After starting out in a new school and meeting her rather zany classmates, Nuku Nuku is forced into fighting the dangerous robots of the Mishima corporation's inner circle, led by the evil mastermind, Hell Mishima. Their plan? To take over the world, of course! Statistics

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