CKY 4 The Latest & Greatest 2003

Bam Margera, creator of the CKY series and star of MTV's popular TV show Jackass, has added even more antics and ridiculous stunts on CKY4: The Latest & Greatest. Featuring a host of outrageous stunts and skits from previous CKY video releases as well never-before-seen clips deemed too over-the-top for MTV, this video is a must-have for any fan of the Margera family and the Jackass crew.

Latest from the DaDaeR 1990

In a loose set of cabaret pieces, Steffen Mensching and Hans-Eckardt Wenzel - highly acclaimed East German poets, songwriters and clowns - satirize East German life in its final days and the arrival of new times after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The clowns are allowed to leave prison to sing for people outside. As they perform their pieces, however, the country sinks into rebellion, the prison is attacked and looted, and the people chase the clowns away. Latest from the Da-Da-R was the first film made by an artistic production group that had fought for independence within the structures of the state-owned DEFA film studio for years. "Da-Da-R" is a wordplay on the irreverent Dada art movement of the 1920s and the German acronym for East Germany- the DDR.

The Latest Star from Vaudeville 1917

Stella Orlanda is a young variety artist who can stand her ground like the next man - and not only on the stage from where as a boxer she calls out the strongest men in the audience. - Annette Förster

Latest News from the Cosmos 2016

Nearly 30 years-old, Hélène still looks like a teenager. She is the author of powerful texts with corrosive humor. It is part, as she says herself, of a "badly calibrated lot, not entering anywhere". Her telepathic poetry speaks of her world and of ours. She accompanies a director who adapts her work to the theater, she talks with a mathematician ... Yet Helene can not talk or hold a pen, she has never learned to read or write. It when she turns 20 that her mother discovers that she can communicate by arranging letters on a sheet of paper. One of the many mysteries of the one that calls herself Babouillec ...

Latest News 1997

It's evening, and she is standing happily at a work table in her kitchen, perhaps making a cake, while the radio finishes a song for young lovers. Then, the 7 o'clock news begins with a report on an arrest in Israel. As she proceeds through a couple of kitchen accidents - dropping a bowl, pulling a smoking pan from the oven, and waving the smoke out the window of her fourth-floor flat - she realizes that the newscaster is informing listeners of her cooking disasters.

Have You Heard the Latest? 2001

Popoy is a handsome and eligible bachelor, but instead of the usual macho activities a guy of this day and age would indulge in, Popoy is more interested in culinary pursuits and better-living breakthroughs. He dresses himself neatly, he sweats perfume, he respects the female species in a way that he refuses to see them as sex objects, and he lives with his grandmother. People around him deem him gay. Gina, on the other hand, looks like the typical bimbo, whose appeal lies mainly on the bulk between her shoulders and waist. Her reputation among men precedes anything she may have to prove about herself. Both knew that the other exists, but not worth pursuing amid piles of work and not to mention their unfavorable first impressions of each other.

The Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast 2015

Bass takes over the upstairs Kanter-McCormick Gallery at the Art Center, expanding the territory of her gothic world in a new work The Latest Sun is Sinking Fast, an immersive, multi-channel installation incorporating 16mm film/video, sound, architecture, and featuring performances by Sarah Stambaugh, Bryan Saner, and Matthew Goulish. The solo exhibition features a spatial narrative installation that delves, through movement, texture, sound, and gesture, into the psychology of a recurring figure in Bass' previous films; while also introducing two new characters, blending the past into the present. Bass has designed the installation by altering the gallery, leading the viewer through a evocative memory of place, embedding us in a timeless society of lost souls in a haunted landscape. -Allison Peters Quinn, Exhibition Director, Hyde Park Art Center

The Latest Buzz 2007

The Latest Buzz is a Canadian teen sitcom from Decode Entertainment aired on the Family Channel, the series ran from September 1, 2007 to April 19, 2010. This is Family Channel's first original multi-camera sitcom. In this series, a struggling youth magazine, Teen BUZZ, replaces its staff with actual teens. Instead of being in class, five young writers take their last period of the day at the magazine’s office, learning about the fast-paced world of publishing.

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